What are the main qualities to become a painter?

If you want to become a painter, you will have to have in addition to your gift a great passion for art. An overflowing imagination and a natural inventiveness will also be essential in this kind of activity. A mind wide open to everything and a great curiosity will help you create your masterpieces. A good motivation and a great natural predisposition to learn as an autodidact will also be more than important assets to succeed in your career as a young beginner painter. Is training necessary? Becoming a painter does not necessarily require graduating. Several painters have become perfectly well without having followed courses or specialized training. Moreover, there is no teacher who can boast of being able to inculcate the secret of the art of painting. Art comes from an innate talent, it is not acquired as a result of study. On the other hand, taking a course and getting some qualifications will help to perfect your creative vocation.

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